Featured Projects
1 : : Commercial Bank of Qatar branch at Pearl Qatar

This is very first and exclusive branch on the pearl consisting of ground and mezzanine floor admeasuring total floor area of 360 square meter.Ground flor server as retail banking and mezzanine floor as sadara lounge with high quality architecture finishes and feature

Salient features

  • High quality design finishes.
  • Full air-conditioned and designed lighting.
  • Fire detection / fire alarm system.
  • UPS backup.
  • Q-matic suite (system) and integrating LCD monitor display.
  • CCTV / intruder system.
  • ATM's facilities.

Salient finishes

  • Crema marfil marble floor.
  • Walnut paneling and solid teak wood flooring.
  • Decorative false cealings.
  • New concept furnitures.
  • New teller units with back lit panels.
  • Traverting marble cladding.
  • Spiral SS staircase.

2 : : New Doha International Airport

The New Doha International Airport Project (NDIA) consists of the construction of a new high tech facility to act as a hub for Trans Continental flights, built specifically to rival other local Airports such as Dubai for both passengers and freight.

The NDIA is built on land reclaimed from the Gulf by means of hydraulic fill reclamation techniques.

The entire development comprises the construction of over 50 separate individual buildings which when combined with new infrastructure and a road and bridge network make up the new facility.

Originally planned for completion in 2009, the project construction period has now been extended by approximately 2 years, as a result of the government’s instruction to build all three phases of the project simultaneously after the initial release of phase one development works only.

NDIA Contractors Works Package (CP20)

Gulf Housing & Construction have been appointed as works contractor for CP 20, the construction of two separate buildings, the Airline Engineering Offices (AEO).

Physical works commenced in January 2006 on the AEO, at present works have progressed to approx. 50% stage on the AEO building, this building was originally planned for completion in May 08, however, it has been subject to extensive changes, resulting from the governments decision to build all three phases of the NDIA concurrently. The anticipated completion date for the AEO building is Jan 09.  Design works have recently recommenced in Jan 08 after a 15 months period of suspension for the AOF building which has also increased in size three fold.

3 : : Qatar Power Transmission System Expansion Phase VII

Qatar Power Transmission system Expansion  Phase VII (Package 2, 3 & 4) involves performance of Civil works Building Services including Electrical, HVAC, Fire detection and Alarm system, Plumbing & Drainage, Clean agent, Fire suppression system (FM200), Transformer fire protection with water deluge system and smoke removal system for Electrical substations at Various parts of Qatar.

Project includes 28 substations comprising 7 220kV/132kV super substations, 4 66kV/11kV substations, 14 11kV Transformer feed substations, 6 modifications in live substations and 5 cable compounds.

Main Contractor - Siemens Consortium

4 : : Pearl GTL C5 LPU - Civil & Building Works

The prestigious Pearl GTL C5 LPU project is a venture by Royal Dutch Shell of huge proportions to liquefy crude gas. This project is being executed at the Industrial city of Ras Laffan.

The design and development of the LPU unit is done by Toyo Hyundai Consortium and the civil construction is done by GCC.  The project has a duration of 22 months which was commenced in May 07. The project is being executed in two phases, Phase I & Phase II comprising of civil and building works. The total excavation quantity is 1,80,000 cum, total concrete quantity is 60,000 cum, total shuttering quantity is 98,000 Sqm while the rebar quantity is 4400 MT.

The project scope comprises of pipe rack foundation, equipment foundations, equipment structure foundation, cable trenches, RC trenches, Manholes, Sump / Pit, Roads and Paving. The height of the structure varies from 1m to 15m and of varied sizes from 1 cum to 500 cum.

A unique first in the project is the training given on Institute of Leadership programme and IIF training (Incident Injury Free) for creating safety awareness imparted by Shell for the betterment of the staff and labours in understanding the GTL project. Recently Shell Qatar has won the “Shell CEO Award” for its outstanding performance on safety at its Pearl GTL project. The project had a peak manpower of 870 people and has successfully completed 2.5 Million man hours without any LTI. The quality has always met at the highest standards with complete customer satisfaction.

5 : : Terminal & Inflight catering facility Extn. at DIA

Concurrent to the economic boom in Qatar in the past few years with the wide global business development and substantial increase in air travel necessitated the expansion of DOHA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT to cater to the ever rising customer demands.

GHC was awarded with all phases of this expansion from 2001 – 2007 keeping the existing airport functioning and without hampering any of the related activities all on a fast track basis.

First Phase required developing the Airport to cater for a 5.5 million passenger capacity in which the departure and check-in was extended by 9700 M2 with provision of 10 departure gates.  This also included construction of first & business class lounges with arrival area extended by 2050 M2.  DIA Technical Building up gradation was part of this phase.

Second Phase was awarded in 2003 when the arrival Meet & Greet was extended with provision of office space for the airline operational staff; in the mezzanine, along with associated MEP & infrastructure requirements.

Third Phase of expansion the largest of these, aimed at upgrading the existing facilities to a full fledged terminal building with a 12 million passenger handling facility along with state- of- art amenities in related functions. It included airfield works to accommodate 28 stands and associated infrastructure and ancillary structures. The airport terminal extended by 25050 M2 with extended Departure, Arrivals, Airline Offices and a New Oryx Lounge all kept in tune with the glazed cladding external facades.  This expansion also increased the passenger handling, security screening & baggage handling capacities more than 150% creating 16 gates and associated MEP services and utility provisions.




The rapid growth and development in the aviation sector created the necessity for the extension to the Existing Catering Facility. The Existing Steel Structure double volume Motor Transport Building of 1150m² has been converted into the New Catering Extn of 2500m² with two levels, with some of the notable features as follows.

  • After demolishing the existing motor transport facilities a new Decking Slab has been introduced to create a Mezzanine Floor within the double volume. 
  • New Footings and beams have been done to accentuate the structural stability of the existing structure to accommodate the new catering equipment and store materials.
  • New 25mtrs long and 4mtrs wide Steel Bridge has been provided between the new and old Catering facilities with metal roof, walls with double glazing and raised flooring.
  • New Lifts, stairs, staff toilets, cold rooms/freezers and all mep facilities (lighting, fire fighting, hvac, plumbing & drainage) along with the specified finishing has been done in this newly modified structure.

6 : : Power Supply to Substation and Parking Lot Buildings

This project comprised of total 3 substation buildings (Super 1, Super 2, WBT-East). Super 1 is dedicated to substation building. Others are substation parking lot buildings. The projects were done with rich architectural treatment and facades as each of these buildings serve as landmarks in the diplomatic area.