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: : Certificate of Appreciation for 250,000 LTI Free MANHOURS

Gulf Contracting Co. has awarded with Certificate of Appreciation for stringently following the Health, Safety and Environment norms laid down by ABB-LLC Qatar at "Qatalum - upgradation of the 11KV System Project" for completing 250,000 Man-Hours on 31st October 2013 with out Lost Time Incident.

: : NO PAPER DAY 04 APRIL 2013

Gulf Contracting Co. observes 04th April' 2013 as "No Paper Day" along with Qatar Green Buildling Council.

: : GCC Fifth Quality Week - Nov 2012

GCC celebrated its 5th Annual Quality Week, Beginning 11 November 2012 and ending with a Quality Day Celebration on 15/11/12. Peter Weil, Acting General Manager, inaugurated the Quality week alongside with other Sr. Managers.

The theme of the week was “Quality: Delivering Competitive Advantage. The purpose is to promote awareness about the importance of quality in the business. To do this, GCC held several toolbox talks about the importance of quality for our personnel and associates. Quizzes and a crossword helped to engage staff and operatives and remind them of the need for quality in our works.

To end Quality Week, the 5th GCC Business Excellence Award was distributed to Operations/Projects and Support Departments, as well as to GCC’s Best Performing Subcontractor.

: : Gulf Contracting Co. Combats Carbon Emissions
Gulf Contracting Co. Combats Carbon Emissions

Over the last thirty years, carbon emissions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have doubled with citizens in the Gulf States producing up to 10 times the amount of CO2 as the average global citizen.

The region may contribute a large fraction of the world's oil but through their own energy consumption produce only 6.4% of global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and cement. Awareness, of the dangers of climate change may be on the increase in the Middle East but action to bring down the amount of C02 that is warming the planet sadly isn’t.

The per capita footprint looks at the carbon emissions of the country in relation to its population. As such, the rich Gulf States who emit a lot of carbon and yet have only small populations have high carbon footprints in relation to the rest of the world. In fact, the average citizen in Gulf nations produces two to ten times the carbon as the average global citizen.

According to the World Wildlife Fund’s latest report, Qatar still has the world’s largest carbon footprint. Qatar produces 55.4 tonnes of carbon per person. It is reported that high emissions in the oil and gas-rich states are down to the inefficient use of resources which is aggravated by energy subsidies. With oil and gas resources plentiful and cheap, there is no financial incentive to use less energy.
A continual plan, program, and actions needs to be implemented to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and thereby minimize our carbon footprint.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organisation, event or product, and is expressed as a carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). An organizational carbon footprint measures the GHG emissions from all the activities across the organization, including energy used in the buildings, industrial processes and company vehicles.

Why calculate an organizational carbon footprint?

Quantifying GHG emissions will help us understand what our key emission sources are, how our organization contributes to global emissions. It helps to manage our GHG emissions and make reductions over time. This will help us identify and prioritize areas for reducing emissions, which will often result in cost savings as well.

We can then develop a carbon reduction plan, identifying ways to reduce our carbon footprint and limit emissions from future activities – and then measure what progress we have made.

What does Carbon Emission reduction mean to Gulf Contracting Co.?

As a business unit we contribute towards carbon emissions. GCC realizes the effects of global warming, pollution, and misuse of natural resources. We understand that action is needed to change the way we live and work to address climate change, protect our environment and invest in our future. Our policy highlights our commitment towards sustainability and protecting the built environment. Being an environmental responsible organization we have established a strategy on reducing our carbon emissions.

What are the benefits of Carbon Foot printing for GCC in context with Qatar?

Credible carbon reduction strategies are fast becoming an essential component of business success. Qatar Construction standards 2010 and GSAS (Global Sustainability Assessment System) are in place where all construction shall comply with the sustainable construction standards. These constructions scales are focused to reduce Qatar’s carbon footprint as well. There are long term benefits in areas like:-
8 Reduce carbon emissions and carbon footprint.
8 Using sound science responsibly.
8 Living within the environment limits, socially responsible.
8 Natural Resources Protection and Environment Enhancement.
8 Energy Savings.
8 Ensuring a Strong, Healthy and Just Society.
8 Financial savings and an investment for the future.
8 Alliance with our sustainable development policy.
8 Strong market position among our peers.
8 Revenue Growth, Increased Market Share and Improved Corporate Reputation.
8 Ethos.

How we started:-

CIOB – Chartered Institute of Buildings, U.K developed an action plan (Carbon Action 2050) designed to inform those working and operating within the built environment on how to reduce carbon emissions. Some of our staff who are members of CIOB were motivated from this program and this eventually contributed a new initiative within our company.
8 We formed a working party (Carbon Action Group) representing different departments/divisions.
8 Identified critical areas in our business which contributes to carbon emissions (eg: - Diesel, Petrol, LPG, Electricity, Refrigerants, Potable Water, Sewage Water, Business Air Miles).
8 Identified the organizational boundaries to be considered in this context.
8 Collect and combine the data required for Carbon footprint assessment.
8 Applied emission factors abstracted from Carbon Trust (UK based Organization for Carbon Measurement guideline and conversion factors).
8 Recorded carbon emissions results for Business year 2010, 2011 and quarterly results for 2012.

GCC implemented the following programs to reduce our carbon footprint:-
8 Bionest solutions (Grey water recycling).
8 Water Conservation Engineering controls installed in camps.
8 IVMS installation for company transport.
8 Scheduled Pro-active maintenance of transport vehicles and construction equipments.
8 Project based objectives, targets and programs on construction waste minimization.
8 Practice of reuse, reduce and recycle of construction resources.
8 Recruitments via video conferencing and contract with consultant in India for recruitment.
8 Awareness programs and campaigns on various environment topics.

What did we achieve?

Business Year – 2010
Carbon Emission Per Person – 14.30 TCO2e/Person
Carbon Emission on Turnover – 90.96 TCO2e/Million Riyal
Total Carbon Footprint - 124,428.88 TCO2e

Business Year – 2011
Carbon Emission Per Person – 12.74 TCO2e/Person
Carbon Emission on Turnover – 88.12 TCO2e/Million Riyal
Total Carbon Footprint - 112,351.89 TCO2e
Reduction from previous year – 9.7%

What are our future goals?

A 15% target in carbon emission reduction has been established for 2012
(ie 95,499.11 TCO2e).

We are proud to say that we are the pioneers in measuring carbon footprint amongst the construction companies in Qatar.

Gulf Contracting Co. (WLL)
Delivering Your Vision

: : Appreciation Certificates from HMC

Hamad Medical Corporation has appreciated Gulf Contracting for its Voluntarily Blood Donation by 104 Persons including staff & employees.

: : Best Subcontractor of the Month - AUGUST 2012

Gulf Contracting has been awarded with Best Subcontractor of the Month - AUGUST 2012 for Life Critical Rules Campaign.

This award was awarded to Gulf Contracting by RASGAS / JGC.

: : Annual Quality Day 17th Nov'2011

On November 17th, 2011 Gulf Contracting (GCC) organized their 4th Annual Quality Day. The idea of the celebration was to provide quality awareness to GCC personnel as well as Sub Contractors / Suppliers.

We believe through quality, we can achieve business excellence, continual improvement and improve value to customers and stakeholders by meeting their needs. Quality is vital for improving profitability, reduce risks, motivate employees to become committed to quality and ensure corporate care and responsibility.

The theme of the Quality week was “In Pursuit of Excellence” which was derived from our company’s motto of “We take pride in our work”.

Quality Week events included Toolbox Talk on the “Importance of Quality”, quizzes and a crossword competition.

In the afternoon, the 4th GCC Annual Business Excellence Awards was distributed to Operations and Services by GCC General Manager Mr. John Kennedy. All the Senior Management and Staff participated in the event.

: : Welcome to Andy Beaney our new Deputy Managing Director International

Welcome to Andy Beaney, Deputy Managing Director International who arrived from Interserve to further strengthen the contracts department.

: : Interserve Training Trust Award 2011

Two members of staff have been successful in achieving recognition from Interserve training trust.

The award is presented to people who show initiative and self development over and above the norm.

The winners are Mr. Andy Ford and Mr. Jose Augustine.

Senior Management would like to thank these winners for their commitment and dedication to the company.

: : Gulf Contracting HSE Awards for 2010

Gulf Contracting Co (Wll) Qatar recently held their HSE Awards for 2010. The event was in recognition of the outstanding HSE achievements of the Company and sites in 2010. Guests at the ceremony included Mr Ahmed Hasan Bilal, client and owner of Bilal Pearl Suites located on the prestigious Pearl Qatar. Bilal Pearl Suites is a 23 story building comprising of 175 flats, 2 Pent House Suites, spa, open terrace and swimming pool. Other guests were Mr Sanjay Khosla, General Manager of AHB client to GCC, and Mr Moataz Noor HSE Manger for Sell. Client management representatives from Trags, Siemens, and Nakilat were also present. Guests from Interserve included David Patterson, Managing Director of Interserve Project Services, George Franks, Managing Director International, Simon Ohlenchlager and Andrew Beaney, Directors of Interserve Project Services.

The winning Gulf Contracting site for Health and Safety 2010 was Central Energy Plant 3/6, clients being Trags, Qatar Foundation and Qatar Petroleum with a contact value of 240.000.000 Qatar Ryals. The winning Spacemaker site for Health and Safety 2010 was Aspire Zone, the construction of two Studios and Supporting facilities for Al Kass and Al Dawry Sports Channel.

The winning Environmental award site 2010 was Bilal Pearl Suites; the award was presented by Mr Ahmed Hasan Bilal. A special award went to the Nakilat site for achieving 10.000.000 man hrs without lost time.

John Kennedy, General Manager for Gulf Contracting thanked all the GCC work force for the effort they had put in to making 2010 such a successful year.
: : World Environment Day In Qatar

Gulf Contracting Qatar celebrates World Environment Day, 5th June 2011, by holding a poster competition. In April, Gulf Contracting invited all their workers (non staff) to design a poster, the theme being Environmental Awareness.  The response was outstanding with close to 100 entries, from those entries 3 overall winners where chosen and presented with their prizes, at the head office on World Environment Day. John Kennedy, General Manager congratulated the winners on their art work and designs. John then went on to comment on the how environmental protection has become a key issue and has now become integral to design, installation and maintenance of any structure.  A special cake was designed and made for the occasion, and cut at the award ceremony.


: : Contracts Business Review

: : BARWA & Qatari Diar Research Institute
Gulf Contracting Company has register with
BARWA & Qatari Diar Research Institute as


The UDC Environmental Affairs Department has awarded Gulf Contracting Co. worksite VB10 at PEARL QATAR with "ENVIRONMENTAL CONTRACTOR OF THE YEAR 2010" award.

: : Inauguration of Nakilat Shipyard


Many thanks for your contribution to making the Inauguration of the Nakilat Shipyard the success it undoubtedly was.

A lot of people have called me or sent messages of congratulation. I always say the same thing: It was a team effort - many people worked extremely hard to get the Shipyard to the stage where we could be proud to show it to our visitors from all over the world.

Please pass on my thanks to your colleagues.

Best regards,
Stephen J. May
Director, Facilities Development
Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd. (NAKILAT)

: : Certificate of Excellence for 10 Million Man-Hours

Gulf Contracting Co. has awarded with Certificate of Excellence at NAKILAT SHIP REPAIR YARD PROJECT for completing 10 Million Man-Hours on 12th October 2010 with out Lost Time Incident.

: : Save Your Money and the Environment
GCC has signed an exclusive contract with a Canadian based company(Bio-Nest) who design, manufacture and install equipment that provide an economic solution for the treatment and recycling of waste water. If you wish to know more contact Mr. Paul Wykes on 55503842

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: : Health & Safety Poster Competition

GCC held its 1st Health and Safety Poster Campaign in June 2010. To encourage workers to become more aware of Health and Safety. The proposal was to encourage workers from all contracts to produce a "Suitable Poster".

The objective was to persuade employees who are site based to identify hazardous activities by designing and producing a “poster” on safety related topics. Eg: - Working at Heights etc.

The response surprised the Senior Management both in quality of art work produced and quantity of submissions. All entries were collected and vetted by an independent panel of judges.

The winning posters will be produced and displayed at all sites and also on the GCC website.

1. Mr.Gokul Sarki E12976 Working at Heights
2. Mr.Muruthi Mundla E06547 Manual Handling
3. Mr.Nabel Kumar E14590 Lifting Operations

: : Consecutive 4 wins for GCC Team in Qatar Cricket Asstn. Tour

GCC Cricket team won 4 out of 6 matchs in Qatar Cricket Assosiation Tournament.

: : Certificate of Appreciation from Toyo Hyundai Consortium at Pearl GTL

Gulf Contracting’s Senior Project Manager Mr. Bharat Gandhi has received a certificate of appreciation from the Senior Management of Toyo Hyundai Consortium at the Pearl GTL Project to mark the milestone achievement of 14million man hours without a lost time incident. Making the award was Mr. DC Cha Site Manager for Hyundai (left) and Mr. Itsuya Yanagi Project Manager for Toyo (right). Also pictured is Mr. Greg Badgett ADT Project Manager. GCC are nearing the completion of the building and civil subcontract to THC on the Pearl GTL Liquid Processing Unit (C5) at Ras Laffan Industrial City.

: : GCC Quality Week ( Nov 2- 12 )

GCC is celebrating its second annual quality celebrations, which runs November 2-12. During this period we are organizing Quality Inductions, Quality Quizzes, Quality Seminars for our suppliers & sub contactors and distribution of GCC Business Excellence Award to our Operations and Services. (Photo of GCC’s last year celebration)