Our People


GCC encourages a healthy working environment where team works thrives. We conduct many activities on a social level including Annual Staff celebration, cricket tournaments, football tournaments and games for family members as part of the celebrations for Qatar National Sports Day, film shows & project related parties. We believe this goes a long way in building teams and developing relationships amongst staff.

Since coming to Qatar with my wife, from the UK in 2009, to work for Gulf Contracting we have been very happy and never regretted the decision to move. Gulf Contracting is one of the more established and professional companies here with a good local reputation for safety, quality and timely completions. This creates a sense of pride in working for one of the most respected construction companies in Doha.
The work has proved rewarding and fulfilling with new and diverse challenges nearly every day.
Doha is a friendly and safe environment for families to live with an exceptionally low crime rate. This also makes it a good place to invite your wider family and friends to spend vacations and enjoy with you the ever increasing range of attractions that Qatar has to offer
There are many opportunities to enjoy sporting and social activities outside of work time with good quality and very accessible facilities.
Qatar as a Nation certainly has great ambitions for continued economic and social growth and is becoming much more prominent in World Events. This is making it a very exciting place to live and work.

John Michell - British National working for Gulf Contracting since 1st March 2009.


Gulf Contracting Co WLL is a great place for professionals to show case and apply their skills, knowledge they possess and let their talent prosper in a constructive working environment. The support from the Line managers and the management itself is commendable. As a Electronics & Communications Engineer with a keen eye for detail and an urge to learn new ideas & concepts and striving for continuous improvement in the quality of my output, I am very happy to be a part of an organization that is driven by exactly the same notions and helps me grow.

Jane Gimena Morastil-Philippines National working since 18-11-2011.


I have been living here in Qatar and serving Gulf Contracting since 14 years and the opportunity working in GCC brings an exciting environment. Particularly Qatar is family oriented and provides very congenial atmosphere for expat families to live with. The future developments of Qatar in view of the proposed World Cup will open up new avenues for the staff and their offspring. Indeed it is a very good experience to live in Qatar and further it enhances the thrilling to be part of multi cultural environment of GCC.

Shaik Shamshuddin-Indian National working since 06-02-2006.


It is great experience working at GCC from day one. I was very much impressed with the friendly approach of the companyís Human Resources & Other departments. The opportunity of working in a multicultural environment brings an exciting challenge to every working day. Association with GCC has paved ways in exploring avenues to accomplish the company goals which in due course has brought predominant changes beyond expectations.

Aly Yehia Aly Abou El Ela-Egyptian National working since 26-05-2011.