Our amis are :
8 To create a open, safe, healthy, challenging, rewarding, participative and fair working environment for all employees.
8 To enable all employees to utilise their talents and skills to the full, through appropriate, selection, encouragement, training and development.
8 To communicate a full understanding of the objectives and performance of the Group and the opportunities and challenges facing it.
8 To provide pay and other benefits which reflect good local practices and reward individuals and collective performance.
Training and Development
We identify employee development expectations through regular reviews.

GCC believes that people are our most valuable asset. Development of an employee in a continual way is required for our ongoing business. All employees in the company are given the opportunity to acquire new capabilities for individual continual improvement in our Operations.

Opportunities for employee development are provided 'off the job', for example through:
8 Internal training programmes, workshops and seminars covering a variety of management and technical skills, such as a series of core courses in People Skills and Project Management and a modular Management Development Programme for potential senior managers.
8 Support for continuing education and continuing professional development activities.
8 Involvement in community projects.

Such 'off the job' development provides an important supplement to learning and development opportunities provided through the job, for example by:
8 Enhancing the employee's job content.
8 Attachments / secondments / moves to give experience of new activities/ functions.
8 Learning from other managers, this may be formalised in a coaching or mentoring arrangement.

Formal performance and development reviews provide regular opportunities for employees to identify and agree development objectives and career opportunities with their managers.

The Group has a comprehensive Organisation and People Review process which links the aspirations, talents and development plans of individual managers to the anticipated future needs of the business. Wherever possible, our preference is to promote from within the Group.